20 May 2010


A few snaps of the first climatis bloom this year over the course of the day (top left: Clematis at 9am, top right: Clematis at 12pm, bottom: days later, tons of blooms!!)

some other flowers (left: Iris, right: columbine)

35 weeks, 5 days

I'm almost to 36 weeks! Ahhh! Yesterday was the one month marker before our due date. I feel prepared (mentally and physically), although I'm sure when it happens, I will not feel so prepared.

The past few days have been somewhat stressful, just trying to iron out the details of what my life will be after the baby. From making sure everything is clean and prepared at home to negotiating a work schedule that will work for me has left me exhausted (mentally and physically).

Trying to stay focused on some good things like:
• Packing our bag for the big day! I think I have about 4 different outfits for a 'take home' outfit for Lily, I couldn't decide!
• I made a date to take a tour of the hospital
• The weather is nice and I have been able to do lots of yard work with Darin <3
• Just planted herbs in my herb table
• When I woke up in the middle of the night, Lincoln AND Merle were both in our bed! Family cuddle!!
• The climatis flowers I planted to cover up our fence started to bloom this morning!

17 May 2010

Garden weekend!

We bought some new plants and flowers this weekend. Trying to get the yard looking great before we are busy with the baby :) We bought perennials that will get bigger and grow over the years. Can't wait to see it all fill in! I also got to plant some flowers in the big flower pots on our front porch for some colorful decoration.

12 May 2010

Early Bloom Progress!

I came across some pictures of our flowers from last year, and I couldn't believe how much better everything looks this year! Here is a little comparison of the early blooms, can't wait to see the rest of the flowers this year!!

11 May 2010

Made in 2010

Something has come over me, I have this new motivation to actually finish projects that I start! It's kind of a first for me, and has been most satisfying so far. Below are some shots of an Address box I made this weekend. I updated all the addresses from our friends and even put a red emergency card section in the back!

Up north 2010

Darin and I just got back from our trip up north for our 2nd anniversary. Can't believe its been 2 years already! This last year has gone by fast. It was so nice to get away for a nice relaxing trip, pre-baby. The first day we were there, it was really cold with flurries! We spent the day inside watching the Simpsons, eating delicious food, and napping whenever we happened to fall asleep. The next two days were sunny and it warmed up enough for us to go into the downtown area to browse the antique shops. I got a really cute apron, which is much needed! You should see my big belly when I'm done cooking, it is always covered in ingredients. I also got a sewing book filled with projects for pregnant moms and babies. There are so many cute things to make, I cant wait to start making them!! Darin got an awesome DIY sustainable type book that got us really excited about new projects we can start this summer.

I spent the early mornings with Lincoln. Its really the only time of day he isn't sleeping. He got me up every morning to get food and some quality out door time. Even though it was freezing in the morning, I bundled up and went out there with him anyway. How can I say no to those big buggy eyes? He loved running up and down the dock, I think he did that about 10 times every morning.

Overall, it was really relaxing and it was so nice to spend the whole weekend with Darin. We took turns cooking for each other, and got to continue our Simpsons marathon (trying to watch ALL of them, we are almost done with Season 3 now). I think I cried every day because of pregnancy hormones, and always because my body ached, or I ran into something, or did something clumsy (sidenote: when I got home, I dropped an egg, and dropped a big container filled with pens and markers. Both spills were messy, and left Darin helping me clean up my mess and reminding me that I can't do certain things I normally could do, like carry 6 eggs at once, haha).

Here are some pictures capturing the wonderfulness of up north at the cottage (including my new apron!!).

03 May 2010

wait, what? 6 weeks, 5 days? really?

Can't believe that in about 6 weeks, 5 days, I will have a baby.

So, lets see whats happening now? My wedding rings don't fit anymore :/ but my grandmas wedding band now fits on my ring finger, so that will do for now. I haven't slept through the night in god knows how long. Starting at about 3am I will get up every hour to do something, bathroom, blow my nose, flip sides, stretch legs, etc.

This non-sleep, along with the increase in anxiety levels has made me incredibly clumsy, forgetful, and hot tempered, all in all a wonderful person to be around haha. I love my husband for his incredible patience with me, I can't even think how many times we have this conversation:

Darin (in his most calming voice): *sigh* "We already went over this"
Me: *sigh* "oh yeah..."

Even though this has been the most un-enjoyable trimester of my pregnancy, its still pretty good. There are some great parts like seeing my belly move all over the place (weird, kind of like alien). I can't wait to meet our little daughter, I'm hoping this last month or so will go by fast. <3