09 March 2011


Its about time I post some video for the out of town friends :) Lily loves hitting the table so much, we decided to get her some bongos :) She loves them! oh! The password is BongosFEB2011

Bongos! from Angela Ficorelli on Vimeo.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Lily was an absolute doll this morning. Every month I send out an enewsletter featuring the growing-ups of Lily. At the end of each month, I go through and collect a bunch of Lily pictures and realize that I dont have ANY pictures of me and Lily!! So then I try to do a quick photoshoot with the little doll, and its not always easy.

This month, I'm starting early. One of my favorite things is to hold Lily and look in the mirror and sing, Baby and Mama, Baby and Mama! Cheesy, I know :) but you find yourself doing these things when you're a mother, but very few of us decide to blog about it. Anyway, I decided to snap some shots of this little moment so it would last longer.

08 March 2011

Lunch time post

Well, its lunch time, and as the junk mail rolls into my email box, I will sit and write a post. The time has come where Lily does not need to nurse at lunch time anymore, and Darin will be working more, so I thought...why not write a lunch time blog post while I'm stuck here at work?

So let's get to the life updates. Darin's sister got married last weekend and it was the best wedding we have ever attended! She looked BEAUTIFUL! It was so much fun, I think I might have spent the entire time on the dance floor, wait...did I just say that?! It must have been a good wedding :) I was so teary eyed to see them so happy together. They are a perfect match, and I feel lucky to call them family.

My parents and sister watched Lily over the weekend and they said she was great. She stayed on her schedule, and was happy and easy going. yay! What a champ :) I found this picture of Lily on my work computer, and thought I would share it. It feels like this could have been taken yesterday <3

oh how I miss her tiny-ness! She is still a little peanut :) hehe Okay, now its time to actually eat lunch. Until next time!

04 March 2011

oh yeah, I used to make videos!

I was digging through the ol' archives, and found this video I made. Sorry for the low quality, but you get the idea :)

03 March 2011

AIGA Wish You Were Here postcards

I'm so excited to share the my postcard is in the running to become a top 25 winner for the AIGA Wish you were here post card competition. yay! If you want to vote for my postcard, click here