30 November 2009


Every now and then, I think about starting a stamp collection. I have a few from the Netherlands that are so beautiful. While the U.S. post office isn't really known for having the best stamps to choose from, I found these that were not super terrible. I really love the King & Queen stamps. I wish they had this when we sent our wedding invitations.

23 November 2009

Winter Village

I have never really wanted to start collecting my own christmas village, until I saw these at Target yesterday. My grandma had ones just like these! Now, I want to collect them all! Also, Martha Stewart has a tutorial on how to make them, so I think this would be a great project do do with my mom. I would love to be able to make little houses of all the buildings that are important to me, our house, my parents house, the place we got married, etc. It would be the cutest village! <3

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17 November 2009


I can barely find the words to express my feelings for seeing this on my google reader:

Really Chrysler? How can it be that in the same day, the news went from BBDO closing their Detroit Office because Chrysler is breaking up with them, to an article about how Chrysler is going to spend more money than they ever have to market themselves. Reading this as a designer and a lifelong Detroiter makes me furious.

Looks like Chrysler is sending their business over to other states. There are a ton of Michigan companies that go outside of Michigan for design work, but this one makes me so mad just because it directly led to the closing of BBDO Detroit offices.

Way to go, Chrysler.

09 November 2009


I just came across the website for the amazing Berlin based design studio, cyan. A couple years ago, I was fortunate enough to visit their studio and hear them talk about their work. Their posters are like candy for any designer, but they have got to be my favorite book designers. On their site, they display each spread of their book, which is why I love them.

06 November 2009

Life Clippings

I just found a new favorite site! Not sure if you can really call it a site, but google has archived a bunch of LIFE magazines. I own a few of old LIFE magazines that I found at estate sales, but this is even better! It makes me wonder how long it will take until every physical form of media can be accessible online. Will we even need to collect magazines? or will they all just be something we browse online. I don't hate that idea, but I do still love having the physical pieces. These magazines are rich with type samples and amazing illustrations. I have started to collect my favorites, here are some of the ones I have so far: