27 February 2010

a new obsession

My friend Chris sent me a tutorial the other day on how to make flowers. I watched it, was hooked, and now I am addicted to making these things. I've made them out of paper and felt. Felt is my favorite because its cute, but paper is nice because you have a wider selection of colors. I started out making them just for fun, but now I've been thinking about trying to make some accessories with these (shoe clips, headbands, broaches, etc). Right now, I'm just happy making little compositions, maybe one day I will frame these and will actually get these up on my etsy store haha.

I decided to use these little bits of cuteness for my lettering to the alphabattle 2.0. I've always wanted to construct type and then take a photo of it. Turns out its really hard (for me at least) to photograph felt, it just ends up looking dirty. Maybe the light is too strong, who knows. I guess if I start photographing type, it will help me learn to properly light things and take good photos. Anyway, below is what I sent off to the alphabattle, along with a sketch I made before I started crafting. Enjoy and plan to see more.

03 February 2010

I'm on LetterCult

It's always satisfying to have a friend send you a link to a site that has your lettering (thanks to Jackson). Not sure how they dug this up on the internet, but my lettering for my aunts invitation is featured in the CUSTOM LETTERS 2009 post on LetterCult. Be sure to check out all 15 pages, there is some amazing work on there by some of my favorite letter artists!