18 December 2009

Our Little Lincoln is Famous

Check it out! Someone I don't know posted a picture of our dog on f*yeahbostonterriers

Here is the pic, taken by Christine Edwards.

04 December 2009

Library Treasures

I love love love love virtual libraries! Especially when I find wonderful type specimens and manuscripts like the ones below! These are found from the Cincinnati Virtual Library. This site was a gold mine to me, and I downloaded a ton of pdfs but only featured a couple here. If you want to see more, visit my flickr set or visit the virtual library for yourself! They have WW2 posters, maps, children's books, manuscripts, and more!

03 December 2009

Peter Bilak

While doing some research on Modern Dance for a project coming up, I started to think about Peter Bilak. A couple years ago, I was fortunate enough to visit Peter Bilak's studio in The Hague with some friends of mine. While we were there, he showed us some performance based design projects he was working on. I was blown away! It was new to me, at the time, to see a designer collaborating with a dance studio to create a performance. I was so excited to see he has the videos up on his site!

He partnered up with a modern dance studio, and worked with them to design a few highly conceptual performances. One performance, Twenty, has a countdown clock behind the dancers. The clock starts at 20 min, and counts down. It speeds up and slows down according to the tempo of the dance beat, but the whole performance is still 20 minutes long.

Here are some pics from a performance where the dancers shadow is delayed a couple seconds. Be sure to check out the video too.

And of course, some pictures of us visiting Peter in his studio. (photos taken by Curtis Flanagan)