21 May 2011


Hi blog, I miss you!

It is my favorite time of year for blogging. Every year, I snap pictures of the flowers and plants around the yard to see how much they have grown. Last year, the results were incredible. It's so exciting to see how far the plants and trees have come. Especially our weeping cherry tree, I already see some cherries on it. When Darin bought it, it was sick, but I'm so happy to see it looking so healthy now. Last year, I combined ALL the tulips into one spot, and some smaller tulips bloomed already, but then these giant huge ones came and look amazing.

I am so impressed this year with the bee balm and lupine. I planted these as tiny baby plants last year, and they are about 10 times bigger this year (no joke!) I hope they attract TONS of butterflies this year

Baby plants, 2010

Just one year later!