06 October 2010

More memory lane!

This is so cool! Here is a picture of the house my dad grew up in AND a picture of what it looks like now! A new garage and a white picket fence. Its so nice to see that the neighborhood has been kept up.

Memory Lane

A couple years ago, my aunt gave my dad a TON of family pictures that she almost threw out by accident! I am so glad that she didn't because I love going through old family photos. I found my flickr set and decided to look at them again. There are pictures of the cottage that I used to go to when I was little. I remember filling pie pans full of mud and setting them out by the back porch to cool. I also love the picture of my parents with their DIY paper cut out Christmas tree that they hung since they didn't have a real tree. Baby pictures of my dad! And a picture of him with the dog he won (his parents said he couldn't have a dog, but he had to keep this one since he won it, right?!)