29 November 2010

Getting the Blog Back Together

okay, its been a while since I've posted. Even longer since I have written about Lily! Last post was back in August, a couple days before I went back to work (ugh). I also was a little lazy about the blog since I made a monthly newsletter for Lily updates. If you are not on the email list and want to be, let me know! I will add you :)

Anyway, Lily is your classic 5 month old. Laughing, babbling, eating solid foods, etc. So, it's true, having a baby changes your life. It's challenged me to think about the way I feel about free time, working, friendship, marriage, love, and life in general. There were some personal struggles along the way, probably due to all these changing hormones, but I have never felt better. (sorry to get so cheesy, but sometimes the blog is the only place to do it!)

And if taking care of a baby wasn't time consuming enough, I picked now to start a side job. More about that later! Feels good to start blogging again.

ahh the day Lily found her feet...