10 September 2010

Astro Wheels!

Sorry twitter friends, but I found a twitter account that I think is amazing and beats all the rest! Quick, everyone follow @Astro_Wheels. He is a real astronaut (no offense) that tweets from space!! The pictures are amazing, I suggest you follow him now.

Check out this amazing view of The Isles of Greece

Hurricane Earl


07 September 2010

long weekend

This weekend, I gave the laundry room area a deep clean. It is an often forgotten part of the basement that also has the litter box near it. I decided to make the space around there pretty for Merle. I dusted and cleaned the area around the boxes, put a little rug down, and painted the entrance pink. I even made a special sign for Merle. I guess I like her more than I thought I did!

02 September 2010

Doggie hangover

Darin and I bought Lincoln a nice $8 bone yesterday. We bought him this so he would have a nice bone to chew on for a while. It would also give him a little entertainment now that Pongo went home. Yes, this bone was edible, but we thought it would be nice to get him the edible one, so when he chews bits off, he wouldn't be eating plastic, or whatever those other bones are made of. It still looked sturdy enough to last a while.

Lincoln ate the WHOLE BONE in 10 min. I saw him bite it in half, and I thought, I should take one half and save it so he has two. But nooooo, the next time I looked, the bone disappeared! It was as if it melted away and Lincoln was licking any kind of bacon taste left on the couch. UGH! Here he is, sitting in his pillow sandwich, in a food-coma-state with the packaging for the bone (because it's all that remains!).