27 May 2009


Ahh, the economy has gotten everyone thinking about money. Some people are finding creative ways to change the economy by focusing literally on money. Detroit Cheers are making their way around town in an attempt to keep American dollars in the city. This was a technique used in the Depression Era and has really created a tight community between Detroit businesses. Read more about it at Model D

Detroit Cheers

I also just heard about a design contest to design new money for the United States. It is something that was started by the people, and has not been made official by the government, but it is definitely an interesting project that should be given some attention by designers. Their idea is that if we make money shinier (more stimulating) then people will use it more, thus stimulating the economy a bit. ;) Read more about it here

Since we're on the topic of money, I thought I would make note of the beautiful guilder notes from the Netherlands, designed by Ootje. They have since been replaced by the Euro :( check them out, they are beautiful! Read more about them here

26 May 2009

How could I ever forget Floor!

Samples designed by Floor Wesseling, one of my favorite designers from Amsterdam. Please check out his work, it is exciting and colorful!

My favorite project is titled, Blood In, Blood Out. He sewed soccer jerseys of different countries together to make a comparison between family crests and jerseys. He said that his show was so controversial that it was only up for a day or two, people were protesting the jerseys! I got to see them first hand, very beautiful!

20 May 2009

Necklaces <3

I'm crazy about these jewelry pieces. I want them all!! <3

by luxedeluxe.etsy.com

by chainchainchained.etsy.com

13 May 2009

A slab serif font that wont leave you for dead!

H&FJ has done it again! They just posted their new typeface, Sentinel. Below are some of the samples they have made for the new typeface, simply beautiful <3

11 May 2009

How-to Cursive!

And! If you want to know what your cursive means, check out this free handwriting analysis tool

I'm just saying...

If I were to own an axe, it would have to be as beautiful as these:

To see all of them, click here