27 February 2011

Where did the time go?

So, I meant to finish and cross off items 34–40 done on my To Do list...however, none of that happened due to internet. Ugh, my computer is like a time warp. And it doesn't help that after looking at the internet, it makes me want to tweak every single website I have out there. So now, I'm back at item 34 and its so late, my computer says its Sunday. At least I folded the laundry, but it looks like 'take a shower' will have to wait until tomorrow morning. Is it too late to start drinking wine??

12 February 2011


Whew! I just finished making goodies for a craft show tomorrow at the Crofoot in Pontiac. I hope there is a good turn out, I'm excited to see the bands and to check out the stand up comedians. I'm going to be making custom valentines while I'm there, which means an entire night of lettering! Woo!

I feel exhausted after working, playing with Lily, and crafting, but its so hard to sleep when there are new episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. haha, I am so addicted to this show. I should follow the lead of my little pups and get some sleep...

02 February 2011

calm cupboard

here is a nice calm picture to even out the mood from my last post :)

starting to...lose......steam.....

Today has been quite a day! This morning I was featured on a great blog called Many Hats Mommy. I worked from home today because of the snowstorm, however, I am so sick :( so it wasn't all that fun. Darin is sick too! Is that even normal for both parents to be sick while baby is just as happy as a clam? I'm just waiting for Lily to get sick, any day now, maybe? It's been 7 months and she hasn't gotten anything! (is it really necessary to knock on wood at this point?).

I just hope, if she does get sick, its after I start feeling better. I'd hate to have to take care of her while sneezing all over her. :/ poor baybo!

Anyway, after work, I was motivated to put a newsletter together for Moving Beauty. If you would like to get that newsletter, you can sign up for it here. I really enjoy putting newsletters together, so this was fun work :)

I'm also very excited because I sold a wine journal today! It was in my etsy store for about 5 hours or so before it sold. yay! The wine journals are my first project with my screen printer, and they turned out great, I'm really proud of them. Man, I felt supercharged doing all of this stuff today, but now I'm just tired. whew! Time to lay down and fall asleep to TV. Goodnight.