28 January 2011

Picture of my bathroom...don't worry, its not what you think

I really would like to get better at photography, especially now that I have to take pictures of Lily growing up so fast! I'm not sure what kind of photography you would call this shot, but I enjoyed shooting it

24 January 2011

A new year!

It's been a happy new year so far. Just wanted to make a post and say hello to my online world. Do people still make new years resolutions? I haven't really made any resolutions, but I have been taking on new projects that have been keeping me busy. I realized how many awesome tools I have laying around in my basement. For Christmas, I got a screen printer (YES!) This is the most awesome gift ever!! I really really wanted my first print to be some red wings logos on stuff for Lily haha, but my printer is being weird, so I might just end up drawing something on the transparency to screen print it on EVERYTHING. muh haha I'm kind of leaning towards screening this little drawing of lincoln I made a while back.

I started a project for my sister in law, cutting some numbers out of MDF board with my scroll saw. I forgot how much I love building and making things!! I'm really happy with how the numbers turned out, this could be the beginning of a beautiful obsession of cutting things out of MDF.

Another fun thing I'm working on is a postcard for AIGA Detroit. I made these two with some photochrome images from the LOC archives. I'm working on a final (more personal) one that I will submit to the AIGA Detroit Wish You Were Here design competition. Lots of exciting projects!!