15 August 2010

Summer fun

Lily and I had a big day Saturday. Lily got to experience the joy of waking up really early and going down to eastern market. Well, she experienced sleeping in the baby bjorn while I went to eastern market with Grammie, hah. We bought corn, zucchini, doll watermelon (Rebecca got me hooked!), and fresh basil (with which I made pesto for dinner tonight, yum!!) I just love eastern market! I can't wait until Lily is old enough to enjoy it too!

Saturday night, we went to a surprise party for my cousin, who was celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary. It was a ton of fun, and they were very surprised. It was really fun to hang out with my extended family during the summer. We usually only see each other on the holidays. We had a blast and ended up staying there all day. Lily swam for the first time, it was the cutest thing ever! She got to wear her new bathing suit, a little bikini. She did not like the cold water on her belly, but didnt mind having her legs in the water. I have tons of video of the pool, but here is a still from the video.

Mama & Lily @ eastern market and swimming!

p.s. can you tell how much of a mama's girl she is?! She must be held by her mama! <3

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