18 August 2010

Good news, bad news

Today has been full of ups and downs, well actually one big up and one big down. A couple weeks ago, Darin found the warranty to my old camera about 5 days before the expiration date. I took my camera in because sometimes the shutter would not open when I turned on the camera. Best Buy said they could fix it, and sent it out through their Geek Squad thing. Yesterday, they called me and said they couldn't fix it, so I should come in to get a new camera. YES. This is the first time I've ever had a warranty work out!

I went in today and got a new Nikon coolpix p100 (up!). It is awesome and I love having a new camera! Perfect timing because I liked my old camera, but my phone takes better pictures than it, and that is not a good sign.

The down side is that the battery on my computer blew up (which is a normal thing for mac batteries to do), and I do not have a warranty on that (down). So, I'll just keep my lap top plugged in for a while. I wish I could get a new computer...a desktop maybe? Anyway, I was freaked out for a minute because no matter how much I complain about my computer, it is allowing me to work from home on Mondays to be with Lily and I can't have it break down right now. And it reminded me how much I wish I could just work from home everyday or have a million dollars and not have to work at all. Ugh! I can't decide if I should have a bowl of ice cream, or a glass of wine!

(New pics from my new camera. Don't worry the pictures will get better. I took these before I read how to use the camera, so the pics are blurry, but appropriate)

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