20 April 2010


For the past 6 months or so, I have been trying to transition from 'burning the candle at both ends' to getting a whole new set of candles ready to light. (does that even make sense?) Pre-pregnancy, I had many obligations like a full time job, programming for AIGA Detroit (a.k.a. my second job), designing a magazine for a non-profit and being actively involved in that non-profit (a.k.a. my third job), helping Ferndale start an entrepreneur support group/networking event, oh yeah and of course spending quality time with my wonderful husband, dog, and cat, oh! and friends, spending time with friends.

ugh! Too much, no? I was worried how I would juggle all this during the pregnancy, and I have actually succeeded in only keeping the time for family and friends part. Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I didn't really walk away from any of those completely, except for maybe the Ferndale thing.

True, I am still giving my time to AIGA, but not as a programming director. I am in charge of Super Script, the new AIGA Detroit blog. I am so excited about this because I can update from home, write things in advance, and its the AIGA Detroit blog! I will be more of a director than the author. We have many writers for the blog, including almost all the board of directors. I'm very excited and I know I will be a lot better at this than programming huge events.

The magazine and non-profit I was working on has taken a small break, so I'm sure when that is ready to go, I'll try to jump on it. If I have a newborn though, I will have to ask someone else to take over the next issue. I love the non-profit though, its called YE 313 Magazine. It gives kids the chance to create a magazine, interview local celebrities and politicians, and helps them get involved in solving social problems in their community. The magazine content is completely done by the kids (photos, interviews, articles, etc.). I also get the chance to teach the kids about graphic design and how it can help push their messages and help give them a stronger voice. Read more about it here

Perhaps that still sounds like a lot, but I've already felt like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I am only giving my time to the things I love the most which is the best feeling. I know when we have the baby, I'll take a break from all the 'jobs' until I'm in a comfortable spot taking care of our little one. It's going to be a nice summer if my only obligations will be family and friends. <3

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