16 April 2010

The Dia-beet-us (30 weeks)

This week I got the results back for my gestational diabetes test. I had failed the first one, so I had to go to the three hour test, ugh! This involved fasting for 12 hrs, then drinking a sugary drink that tastes like flat sprite, but sweeter. No pregnant woman should ever have to do that. Oh then they take a sample of your blood every hour for 3 hours. After the first blood draw, I was so nauseous and sleepy, I almost fell asleep in the waiting room. After the second, I passed the time chatting it up with the other 2 pregnant ladies getting the same test. It's always fun to talk to other pregnant women, so that was fun :)

At my doctors appointment, they told me the results of my test. Before the midwife came in, I started to feel light headed and hot. I took off my shoes and laid down, but still felt weird. The midwife came in and I sat up trying to shake off whatever it was my body was doing (probably not the best idea). "Your test results were abnormal," she said. Gestational diabetes, ugh! She went through the whole speech of what I had to do, take a class the next day, get a monitor, poke my finger 4 times a day, talk to a nutritionist, visit with the doctor 2 times a week! At some point, it got hard for me to listen to her and I asked her for some water. She had me lay down, and she took my blood pressure, it was way low. She felt so bad, she thought it was the news that made me freak out, but I told her I had been trying to shake it off since I got there. She gave me some juice and told me not to worry, it was a lot of info to take in. She had me rest for a while until my blood pressure got back to normal.

I knew gestational diabetes was serious, and that it was not the worst thing to have while you're pregnant, some women just get it. As long as you eat a good diet, the only side effect can be having a big baby, (ouch!) The thing that scared me the most was when she said that if you have gestational diabetes while you're pregnant, you can often develop Type 2 diabetes when you are older. I do not want diabetes when I'm older. My grandma had it, and all I could picture was my fridge being filled with insulin and orange juice. Poor Darin would have to help me get shots 4 times a day! Thank goodness there are ways to prevent Type 2 Diabetes, I feel like I have to start prevention starting now! Diet and exercise, ASAP!

The midwife came back in and told me that I was going to hate her. I guess someone had stapled the wrong test results to my chart, and I did NOT have gestational diabetes. YES! I was so happy, but she felt awful. I told her that it was a good thing, and not to worry, I still like her. At least it wasn't the other way around!

I guess seeing my grandma go through diabetes effected me more than I thought. This was a big wake up call, it was really scary being that close to diabetes, even if it was just gestational. On the drive home, I looked at my belly and thought about Lily. I felt that she was safe and it made me so happy that I was getting teary eyed. She wasn't going to be effected by any bs my body was going through. I think it might have been the first time I felt like a parent. I told Lily how happy I was and that we're going to be okay. <3

30 Weeks, 6 Days

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