08 March 2010

Happy Monday

Good ol' Monday. Its a beautiful day here in Michigan. I am so excited for Spring! Springtime means planting flowers, planting a garden, estate sales, early morning trips to Eastern Market, trips up north, craft fairs, riding my bike to work, and so much more! This summer will be extra special because there will be a lot of firsts. I have a feeling our camera is going to be on overload this summer!!

I'm also excited because I finally set up my etsy store. I made a real banner and everything! I hope that I can continue to make stuff and eventually try out another craft fair this summer. I've got to make everything before this baby arrives, because I will probably have some other things to do besides make crafts all night :)

Here is my front store. I don't have much in it, but I'm very excited that its actually up hah

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