04 March 2010

24 weeks and counting

On Saturday, I will begin my 25th week of being pregnant. The second trimester has been exciting because I can feel our little one moving around in there (she is the size of an eggplant now, woo!). I always try to keep a hand on my belly to see if I can feel her kicking on the outside. I can't wait until Darin can feel her kick.

My belly is starting to get a nice little baby bump, so its finally time for maternity clothes. Christie and Veronica took me on a shopping spree last weekend and I am much more comfortable sitting at work all day. I'm slowly adjusting to wearing maternity pants...they are kind of weird. Maternity pants feel like they are falling down because there is nothing tight at the waist. I understand why there are no belt loops, but couldn't they just put a couple on there so a girl can pull up her pants when they are sagging down?!

The nursery is almost fully painted! We get the rest of the paint tonight, I am so excited to have it finished. Our house is usually pretty tidy, but since we started painting, it has been a mess that does not work well with my clumsy nature and I just end up stubbing my toes on everything laying around. Not to mention my ever growing body that seems to run into any kind of wet paint in the room, even if I am not the one painting! Lets just say, I've made a couple new 'painting shirts.'

I can't wait to finish painting, that means I can start decorating! I started making some wall hangings to hang in her room to fit the alphabet theme. I also opened my etsy store to try to sell some of the room decor I make, why not try to make a little money on the side, eh? :) Can't wait to post pictures of the nursery!

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