20 January 2010

YE 313 Magazine

Ever since December 2009, I have been involved in a publication called YE 313 Magazine. This is a magazine for kids, by kids. I was contacted to help design the magazine and did it in a quick 3 day turnaround.

I really think this is the design project I have always wanted. The production from the magazine teaches kids how to write, photograph, etc, but also gives them the experience of interviewing local and national political icons. I love love love being a part of this magazine and cant wait to help develop an identity for it. It will give me an opportunity to teach the kids about graphic design, and will give me an experience working with a great client that will be excited to collaborate with me on making something that matters. I cant wait to start the next issue, it should be coming out in March and may even feature the kids interviewing Obama! If not this issue, the next one.

Here is the issue we whipped together for December.

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