24 August 2009

Can it!

Saturday morning, Darin and I went to his parents to participate in their annual canning party! Every year, they get bushels and bushels of tomatoes from eastern market, and can puree to use for sauce for the rest of the year. At about 7am, we made our way down to Eastern Market and bought 3 bushels of tomotoes (Darins dad had already bought 3 bushels from another farm earlier in the week). Its good to mix up all different kinds of tomatoes.

When we got home, we washed and cut out all the bad parts from each tomato. I have never seen so many tomatoes all together in my life! After the wash & cut, they get squished and thrown into a pot, then onto the stove to soften up. Then its off to the juicer! The one we used was once a hand crank, but due to the massive amounts of tomatoes to be shoved through it, an old fan motor was hooked up to it to keep it going strong. We had to leave around 1, so we didn't get to pour the puree into the jars. We ended up taking home about 20 jars, I think they made about 70 jars all together :) Hopefully this will last us the whole year!


  1. That's awesome! I always want to do stuff like that but am not that industrious. Blergh!