20 August 2009

Ain't nothin better

Last Tuesday, I went to a lecture at the Johanson Charles Gallery in Eastern Market. Jim Griffioen, of Sweet Juniper spoke to the theme that goes something like, The Afflatus of Ruin: Talking Differently About Detroit’s Unique and Endangered Assets. He told stories and shared rants while he showed a slide show of his amazing photography of Detroit. It was really great to just hear an opinion and not hear someone talk about how to fix Detroit. It gets tiring going out to lectures designed to spark conversation and then listen to people talk and talk about the good parts of the city. It is starting to sound like blah, blah, blah. This lecture was different, I think, because it was a lecture written by a writer. I wouldn't event hesitate to call it a reading rather than a lecture. I think we need more events like this one, just poetic points of view that could inspire people to take matters into their own hands. To stop talking and just fix it! I swear this lecture made me leave looking romantically and EVERYTHING around me.

As a side story, on my way out, I was so excited to be immediately confronted by a bright yellow truck with hand painted lettering, parked in front of a bright yellow building! I know! I also snapped some other hand drawn lettering between that and the car. Between this lecture and revisiting the TypArchive, I think its time to start snapping some more lettering, at least more refrigerated type :)

Random Addition! I knew this building reminded me of something...it was the hostel we stayed at in Berlin:


  1. my favorite part is that they put their own slogan in quotes.

    "we are the best" - us