08 March 2011

Lunch time post

Well, its lunch time, and as the junk mail rolls into my email box, I will sit and write a post. The time has come where Lily does not need to nurse at lunch time anymore, and Darin will be working more, so I thought...why not write a lunch time blog post while I'm stuck here at work?

So let's get to the life updates. Darin's sister got married last weekend and it was the best wedding we have ever attended! She looked BEAUTIFUL! It was so much fun, I think I might have spent the entire time on the dance floor, wait...did I just say that?! It must have been a good wedding :) I was so teary eyed to see them so happy together. They are a perfect match, and I feel lucky to call them family.

My parents and sister watched Lily over the weekend and they said she was great. She stayed on her schedule, and was happy and easy going. yay! What a champ :) I found this picture of Lily on my work computer, and thought I would share it. It feels like this could have been taken yesterday <3

oh how I miss her tiny-ness! She is still a little peanut :) hehe Okay, now its time to actually eat lunch. Until next time!

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