02 February 2011

starting to...lose......steam.....

Today has been quite a day! This morning I was featured on a great blog called Many Hats Mommy. I worked from home today because of the snowstorm, however, I am so sick :( so it wasn't all that fun. Darin is sick too! Is that even normal for both parents to be sick while baby is just as happy as a clam? I'm just waiting for Lily to get sick, any day now, maybe? It's been 7 months and she hasn't gotten anything! (is it really necessary to knock on wood at this point?).

I just hope, if she does get sick, its after I start feeling better. I'd hate to have to take care of her while sneezing all over her. :/ poor baybo!

Anyway, after work, I was motivated to put a newsletter together for Moving Beauty. If you would like to get that newsletter, you can sign up for it here. I really enjoy putting newsletters together, so this was fun work :)

I'm also very excited because I sold a wine journal today! It was in my etsy store for about 5 hours or so before it sold. yay! The wine journals are my first project with my screen printer, and they turned out great, I'm really proud of them. Man, I felt supercharged doing all of this stuff today, but now I'm just tired. whew! Time to lay down and fall asleep to TV. Goodnight.

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