22 July 2010

A wonderful full (kind of) nights sleep!

I can't believe it, Lily only got up once the past 3 nights!!!! She went to bed around 2:30am and didn't get up again until 7:30am! I really hope this schedule sticks, that would be amazing. (also, please say I didn't just jinx this wonderfulness). Hopefully, this is how she will sleep by the time I go back to work. I decided I would get up and see if I could 'work' all day on this amount of sleep, no naps until 5:30pm. Here goes!

Staying up this morning has been pretty good so far. I am enjoying that 'me' time I hear every mother talk about. Darin and Lily are asleep, and I get to sit here in a quiet house and enjoy my coffee and look at the internet (my google reader has been so neglected). Speaking of neglect, the yard outside is getting very unruly from weeks of neglect. Although, somehow I managed to grow a strawberry!

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