24 July 2010

Getting domestic

Watching the real cooking shows all day is one of my favorite perks of being home all day. My favorite show is Giada at Home. It has inspired me to start learning how to cook delicious meals. Two days ago, I started making home cooked dinners. I'm off to an okay start, I don't expect to be awesome at first, but practice makes perfect, right? :)

The first night, I made grilled salmon with a lime butter sauce. Delicious! I love salmon, and I really love cooking on the grill. I had to grill in the rain though since I have such wonderful timing. Last night, I made a potato & zucchini pancake, grilled chicken, and a cucumber salad. I don't think I will be making the cucumber thing again, it was kinda gross. I would like to find a good cucumber salad recipe (suggestions?), I love how fresh cucumbers are! It goes well with the grilled chicken and heavy potato side. Maybe cucumber and basil and fresh mozzarella? does that go together? hmm...

The thing I am most proud of are the peanut butter banana crepes that I made for breakfast this morning. These were so much easier to make than I thought, and they were delicious and filling. Can't wait for Darin to try them! He has been a trooper, tasting all this food I'm making :) He gives good critique though and maybe I'll be really good by the time Lily is old enough to eat dinner with us haha

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