27 July 2010

1 month growth spurt

Lily is going through a MEGA growth spurt. She sleeps all day and eats allllll night, she is an eating machine!! She starts at about 6pm and eats for 20 min every hour until she falls asleep around midnight. ugh! It was a little stressful to deal with at first, but now that we know its a growth spurt, its not so bad. Hopefully, she will be done soon! Also, my heart goes out to people who have babies with colic. Its crazy enough to hear a baby cry for 10 min, I can't imagine hearing it for more than 3 hours!

Here is some video I shot last night while Darin was helping Lily in-between feedings :) Her hiccups are the cutest!

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  1. awhh... my little lily! she is always on my mind in in my heart! I just love her to pieces!!!!