09 June 2010

Home stretch!

whoa baby! I'm in the home stretch now. 10 days until my due date, ahh! I am anxiously awaiting our little Lily. Technically, she can come at any day, so hopefully sooner than later, as long as she is healthy and ready to go! We're putting the finishing touches on everything, getting all the artwork up in the nursery. Darin made room for all the baby stuff in the rest of the house so the nursery is no longer a storage area, yay! :) Which means, I should post pictures soon.

We took a tour of the hospital last Sunday. It was nice seeing the rooms and getting familiar with the hospital before we go. There will be so many unpredictable things happening that day, at least we know where to go and what to bring. I've been a researching machine, watching videos, reading articles, message boards, etc. It's all helping me prepare and feel ready, but I know when it happens I will probably think, "wait! I'm not ready!!"

Here are some more pics along the way. Yes there are missing weeks :( and yes they are blurry :( but nothing can blur out that big belly! haha :)

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