21 June 2010

41 weeks!?

I'm starting my 41st week of pregnancy now! I still feel great, just so anxious and tired of waiting. I'm getting a little nervous because this baby is getting bigger and bigger, I don't want to wait too long! I can't wait to meet our little girl. It's a little weird now because she will no longer be a gemini. I was so prepared to have a gemini, but now we are having a cancer. I've been reading up on cancers because I didn't really know anything about them, but it sounds like its still going to be okay. It says cancers are moody, but aren't all little girls? It says they speak their minds too, and I like that. It also says they usually end up working in the art or music field, yay! but we'll see what she likes to do, right? :) Cancers are also caregivers and are compassionate for their family, also a plus.

It would be great if she was born today, June 21st, the summer solstice. My Dad was born on the winter solstice, so it would be neat to point that out every once and a while. Maybe it would give them a special bond :) Today is also the longest day of the year/most amount of daylight, so it would be great for summer birthday parties. I've been trying all sorts of ways to help start the labor process, but still just feel good and normal, not a lot of movement from Lily, and no contractions yet. Well, no, I had one this morning, but it was the fake kind of contraction. ugh.

I just really hope that she comes this week. If she doesn't they will have to induce the labor. Which, I know that it is the healthiest thing and there is nothing wrong with induced labor, but I really like the idea of her coming out on her own terms. Come on, Lily, you can do it! I'm rooting for ya!

Week 40 & 41:

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