11 May 2010

Up north 2010

Darin and I just got back from our trip up north for our 2nd anniversary. Can't believe its been 2 years already! This last year has gone by fast. It was so nice to get away for a nice relaxing trip, pre-baby. The first day we were there, it was really cold with flurries! We spent the day inside watching the Simpsons, eating delicious food, and napping whenever we happened to fall asleep. The next two days were sunny and it warmed up enough for us to go into the downtown area to browse the antique shops. I got a really cute apron, which is much needed! You should see my big belly when I'm done cooking, it is always covered in ingredients. I also got a sewing book filled with projects for pregnant moms and babies. There are so many cute things to make, I cant wait to start making them!! Darin got an awesome DIY sustainable type book that got us really excited about new projects we can start this summer.

I spent the early mornings with Lincoln. Its really the only time of day he isn't sleeping. He got me up every morning to get food and some quality out door time. Even though it was freezing in the morning, I bundled up and went out there with him anyway. How can I say no to those big buggy eyes? He loved running up and down the dock, I think he did that about 10 times every morning.

Overall, it was really relaxing and it was so nice to spend the whole weekend with Darin. We took turns cooking for each other, and got to continue our Simpsons marathon (trying to watch ALL of them, we are almost done with Season 3 now). I think I cried every day because of pregnancy hormones, and always because my body ached, or I ran into something, or did something clumsy (sidenote: when I got home, I dropped an egg, and dropped a big container filled with pens and markers. Both spills were messy, and left Darin helping me clean up my mess and reminding me that I can't do certain things I normally could do, like carry 6 eggs at once, haha).

Here are some pictures capturing the wonderfulness of up north at the cottage (including my new apron!!).


  1. such a lovely apron!! I am homesick for the cottage... can't wait to go back up!

    ps. lovely blue flowers! LOL
    that's all I can say :0)

  2. haha I love that wallpaper! Its so cute :)