20 May 2010

35 weeks, 5 days

I'm almost to 36 weeks! Ahhh! Yesterday was the one month marker before our due date. I feel prepared (mentally and physically), although I'm sure when it happens, I will not feel so prepared.

The past few days have been somewhat stressful, just trying to iron out the details of what my life will be after the baby. From making sure everything is clean and prepared at home to negotiating a work schedule that will work for me has left me exhausted (mentally and physically).

Trying to stay focused on some good things like:
• Packing our bag for the big day! I think I have about 4 different outfits for a 'take home' outfit for Lily, I couldn't decide!
• I made a date to take a tour of the hospital
• The weather is nice and I have been able to do lots of yard work with Darin <3
• Just planted herbs in my herb table
• When I woke up in the middle of the night, Lincoln AND Merle were both in our bed! Family cuddle!!
• The climatis flowers I planted to cover up our fence started to bloom this morning!

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