23 March 2010

Third Trimester

I am now into my third trimester. I think this is when the reality is setting in. So far my pregnancy has been awesome so far, I love being pregnant. For the first and second trimester, I've been surrounded in a fog of bliss and happiness. I am still happy, but just slightly more uncomfortable. I notice that little things bother me, and its harder to let some small stuff go. I've managed to not make anything a huge deal though, avoiding conflicts over small stuff has always been easy for me (even though its just too easy to shout my anger outburst on twitter). I have started many tweets recently, then asked, do I really want to send this? no. delete.

I also have started to have some outbursts of anxiety. One night I stayed up until 5am worrying about the dumbest things! I was worried I was losing touch with people since I don't go out to the bar anymore. Losing touch with AIGA because I haven't been to an event in a while. Not only about losing touch, but that the people involved were mad at me for not going. I could picture people saying stuff like, "Angie is a mom now, she only has time for herself, blah blah blah." WTF. This was very upsetting. I finally fell asleep and felt way better when I woke up. None of those thoughts worried me anymore and I felt like it was a bad dream. I laugh at it now, and think it was silly for me to even start thinking those thoughts.

I haven't really had any more worry sessions like that, but things are starting to pop up in my head that make me worry. Will I be able to take off 12 full weeks of work since half of it would be unpaid? What will our schedule be when the baby is here? Will I be able to work from home at all? Will I finish reading all the books I'm supposed to read? What if I don't? oh what if!

Luckily, I have the most supportive family a girl could want. It always makes me feel better after talking with family about all of these questions. If it really takes a whole village to raise a child, then we are in luck!


  1. well with the luck i have, i'm sure i'll still be laid off by the time lily comes and i'm more than happy to help out whenever needed. i can't wait to meet the little cauliflower!

  2. Now Lily is a pineapple!! :0)
    And I am so excited to be her grammy. If I bother you helpping TO much, tell be to back off. Cuz I am going to love you all up!!