29 January 2010

Bio's Galore!

In a couple weeks, I will be leading a breakout session with a couple friends of mine at the AIGA Student Portfolio Review. For this type of event, its customary for the speakers to write a little bio about themselves, so the students know what they're getting themselves into.

It's not easy writing a bio for yourself. Just deciding whether or not to write in 1st or 3rd person takes forever to decide. I try to write as natural as I can, but it all sounds so cheesy.

While writing this bio, it got me thinking, how many do I actually have out there? I decided to search the web for ALL the bios or about pages I have written for myself for various events and sites. You would think I just have to write one and use that for everything. It never really works out that way for me, just because the audiences have been so varied. Either way, here they all are. ALL in one spot. Enjoy:


Angela Ficorelli is a graphic designer born and raised in Michigan. She graduated from CCS in 2005, and has also traveled to Maine, Berlin, and the Netherlands to study design. She currently works in Ferndale at Big Communications as a print designer and also enjoys doing freelance work for local non-profits.

Angela has been an AIGA member since 2002. She was president of the student chapter at CCS and now serves as the Programming Director for AIGA Detroit. Being involved in AIGA has led Angela into some unforgettable moments like eating lunch with Ed Fella, chatting with Debbie Millman over wine, shaking hands with Doyald Young, getting life advice from Elliott Earls, talking type with Ellen Lupton, and many more! This year, she is looking forward to adding another unforgettable moment when she will get to meet her design hero, Marian Bantjes.

When she’s not working, she enjoys spending most of her time with her husband, cat, and Boston terrier. She also enjoys writing in her blog, knitting, and watching TV. Favorite shows include Jeopardy, the Simpson’s, LOST, just about anything on Bravo or Food Network, and oh how she misses Conan O’Brien!


Hello! This site belongs to me, Angela Ficorelli. I am a graphic designer living and working in Detroit, MI. I was born and raised in Michigan, and live here with my husband, cat, and dog. I went to school here and got my BFA in Communication Design from the College for Creative Studies. This site serves as an archive of my design work, and helps me keep track of my body of work.

I have attended many design workshops all over the world that have also added a huge impact to my design education. These experiences have given me a unique outlook on life and design and makes me want to learn more.

Thank you for visiting <3


I am a graphic designer from Michigan. My day job keeps me doing work for big companies, and my hand-lettering hobby, allows me to design special things for individuals. I also serve as a board member for a design non-profit called AIGA Detroit. <3

To see my typography work, visit

To read my blog, visit


I am a graphic designer from Michigan.

*NEW* Have a peek at my blog

Here is some of my work

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Hello! Thank you for visiting my etsy shop. I am a graphic artist from Detroit, MI. I love love love typography, drawing, collage, and relief printing.

I love making custom designs because I enjoy working closely with clients to create a unique and special artifact that they will keep forever!

More work: http://www.angelalehman.com/
Stuff I like: http://angelaficorelli.blogspot.com/


I have been practicing graphic design for almost 10 years now. I started Moving Beauty so I can use my talent and love for hand lettering to create special personalized keepsakes for people. There is nothing more special than getting a hand written letter, it can instantly warm your heart. Hand lettering is a simple way to customize something special and create a unique one-of-a-kind treasure.

I can provide lettering for just about anything, including monograms, logos, and invitations. I always bring my professional and heart-warming approach to create custom-made pieces, just for you.

Please contact me if you would like to work with Moving Beauty to create a special artifact that you will keep forever. I update my site regularly with new projects that showcase my capabilities, be sure to keep in touch!

—Angela Ficorelli


Hello, this is my blog filled with images and stories about my life as a graphic designer in the Midwest. Enjoy!


(old, but still on the internet)
Angela Lehman is a graphic artist born and raised in Detroit, MI.

She received her BFA in Graphic Communication from the College for Creative Studies. She recently studied design in the Netherlands, where she worked with design studios such as LUST and NLXL.

Her work is often highly conceptual, and she enjoys exploring book design, illustration, type design, photography, and costume design for both cultural and commercial clients. She is a graphic designer in an agency in Detroit, MI and serves on the board of the AIGA Detroit Chapter.

For more visit www.angelalehman.com


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