20 October 2009


I am SO excited, I just got my boarding pass for the TEDxDetroit conference for tomorrow. Out of 350+ applicants, somehow I managed to get accepted! I know this is a local event, with our own local celebrities, but I am so excited to hear and meet the people around town that share the same mind set as me.

My list of presenters that I really, really want to meet:
• Dan Izzo, Training Leader at Bizdom U
• PJ Jacokes, Producer/Lead Instructor at Go Comedy!
• Terry Bean, Author, Speaker and Founder of Networked, Inc
• Terry Barclay, President and Chief Executive Officer of Inforum Michigan
• And of course all the people who organized this event!

I think by the end of it, I will want to meet EVERY presenter. I'm interested to see if I know any other attendees. If not, I guess I will have to make new friends, which is always good!

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