09 October 2009

Business Card History

Here is my collection of all the business cards I have made in the past. Every single one (except for the rainbow one) has an element of chance in it. For the top set, I drew letter A's on a large sheet of paper with poster markers, then printed my info on the other side and cut down the cards. Each card was entirely unique from the next. I gave away a lot of my favorite ones :) but these are the ones I have left.

The next set is the same thing, but the A's were not drawn, these compositions were generated at random using flash.

The next rainbow set are the cards I use to promote my etsy store.

And finally, the last is my newest set!! I made these to give away at the TEDxDetroit event coming up in a couple weeks. These cards are all unique, my favorites are shown below. I cut these from an old paper sample book. yay recycling!

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