13 August 2009


For a while now, I've been going to an event hosted by AIGA Detroit called Third Thursday. Its a social event that is usually at a bar, and its a good way to have a drink and chat with local designers. I have met a lot of designer friends from going to Third Thursday, and its made me realize that I love my design community :)

Somehow, I am now the AIGA Detroit Programming Director, and it has become my responsibility to create events like that, but change it a bit to reach a different audience because, surprisingly not everyone loves going to the bar and staying out all night! Some other AIGA Chapters have created things like this, one is called Buzz, a morning gathering at a coffee shop to discuss favorite typefaces, debate over re-branding campaigns, and whatever else it is that designers talk about in the morning. Our chapter will be introducing its new event series, Stew! Where designers can sit and stew over a range of various topics. I would also like to use this opportunity to bring some new business to local luncheries :) (suggestions are welcome!)

For each event must come a logo, so here are some initial sketches (Yes, thats right, I was considering calling it 'Lunchy Lunch' or 'FUNCH')

Now that you are part of the process, stay tuned for the official unveiling of the event series! :)

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