06 August 2009

Last night I had the strangest dream...

This morning was a little groggy, but on my way to work, I remembered my dream! A few notes to explain, Girl Cat is our cat. This morning she was banging on the closet door, driving me nuts! I think at one point I woke up and yelled at her :/ The You in this story is my friend Gillian. I was describing my dream to her and I was too lazy to rewrite it for another audience. Here is my dream as I explained it to my friend Gillian (I might have added more details to this one):

okay, so I have to tell you my dream. In the dream, I woke up to the sound of running water. I went in the bathroom and looked in, and Girl Cat was in there taking a shower! Just sitting there with the water pouring on her. I could see her through the curtains. So, she's in the shower and I thought that was weird. Then I pushed on the door to see if there was someone standing behind it, and there WAS! I couldn't see who was behind there, so I pushed the door as hard as i could, trying to trap them there, and yelled for Darin. I whisper/shouted, "There is someone behind the door!" and he was like, "grrrmmmb" rolled over and went to bed. Oh no! I pushed harder and started yelling at the person behind the door, pinning them behind the door, while looking for something to hit the person with.

I finally opened the door a little and saw the person was YOU! then you shouted, SURPRISE! Then, all of a sudden, we were at a wedding shower, only it was a shower where you invited all my girl friends over to one spot and each girl convinced me why I should have a baby. It was a baby convincing shower, so weird! but in the dream, this was a real tradition. sooooooo weird. We have casually been talking about babies, maybe after your wedding! :) I cant wait until you start having weird wedding dreams. I bet they are going to be good hahaha

wow :)